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College sophomore Gabrielle Bridge is falling for the wrong guy. One would think a physics student would be smarter than that. In her defense though, he was wearing the most surprising disguise.
We meet our geek girl while she is plotting to win the Nobel prize one day. But with an absentee father and an alcoholic mother, she knows her chances are next to zero.
To achieve her goal she tries to recruit her current crush, the brilliant Toby Harker, as a partner. Sadly her big stupid mouth lands her pretty but dumb William Wyseman, instead. This unfortunate pairing though turns out to be enchanting -literally.
William is a wizard, magic is real.
There is a secret world hidden in plain sight, a world at war with Sekeem Soulless a sorcerer powerful enough to destroy it all.
William unable to beat him with his powers was posing as a science student to seek a human weapon to stop him. And turns out that Gabrielle might be what he needs: she is immune to magic.
William promises to help her prove to the world that witchcraft is real. The Nobel will be hers with this breakthrough. That is if they find out how to use her strange 'gift' before Sekeem kills her, with his own hands if magic won't do.
Gabrielle thinks she will learn the mysteries of magic. However, her most shocking discoveries are going to be about herself.

Read the first SEVEN chapters here!http://www.anabastow.blogspot.com/p/the-hekapolis-trilogy-book-1-hypothesis.html

Will Bella and Edward get a divorce?

Well is hard to apply real life rules to a fictional couple on a fantasy setting. But I like this Time magazine article so I’m going to use it to see what their odds are. I will use other models on later installments to evaluate this beloved/hated couple. This is a fragment of it. You can read the whole article here:

Will This Marriage Last?






Let's group the risk factors into three. The first grouping is the couple's relationship. The second grouping is financial issues. The third grouping is their family history.


Regarding the couple, their age matters. If they are just out of high school, that's not so good. (No surprise.) The odds improve dramatically if they're at least 25 — but don't assume the older the better. Marrying at age 35 is not any better than age 25.


*Well this is one point against them making it, since Bella is just out of HS. Now with Edward is whether really bad since he is just out of high school for like the seventh time, so he has more age to counteract Bella’s or he has more risks. I’m counting it as a point against them. -1.


Most couples today cohabit before they marry. The crucial issue here is whether they moved in together with the full intention to get married, or whether they moved in together just because it was the logical thing to do, since he was always at her place anyway. You might think that living together is a sort of "trial period" that helps prevent bad marriages, since they can break up before taking an oath to each other. But the odds suggest the opposite; they divorce more. Why doesn't this filter work? Very likely, whatever it was that made them not want to get married in the first place ended up becoming a problem long-term.


* Point in favor they didn’t lived together before getting married. 1


If the couple has ever invited you over for dinner, you've got a good clue there. Does the groom substantially help with the housework, cleaning, and cooking? If he does, this may be one of the most important predictors of all. We don't usually think about this when they are standing at the altar, but the bride will definitely be thinking about it in two years if her husband has left all the chores to her. A man who does housework is also going to be involved in childrearing — another major benefit to the couple.


*Well they are not going to trash the house a lot, but Edward learned how to cook for Bella in spite he doesn’t eat, so he looks like he would had not problem with sharing the few chores they will have. 1


If this is a second marriage, for either bride or groom, their odds of divorce are somewhat higher. Remarried families have more complex issues to confront: exes to deal with, and stepchildren to raise. But this risk is often overstated; a middle-class second marriage has only 3% more risk than a first marriage.


* Point in favor first marriage for both. 1


Being religious doesn't make a couple happier with their marriage, but it does mean they might try a little harder to stick it out. FYI, among the major religions, Catholics get divorced the least. Protestants the most. But what is really important here is not what religion they are, but how devoted they are to practicing their faith. You're right to worry if the bride insisted that they get married in the chapel, when the groom really wanted a wedding at the beach.


* Since neither of them have religions or attend to church , but Edward does have strong believes about God and virtue and Bella understood in the end how important it was for him. I counting this as point on favor. 1


Let's talk money. Money helps, a lot — but a relatively small amount of money goes a long way. If this couple will earn a modest $50,000 as a family, their odds of seeing their 15th anniversary jump to 68%. By and large, well-off couples divorce over personality conflicts while poorer couples divorce over alcoholism, physical abuse, and money problems. (Infidelity is a frequent deal-breaker, rich or poor.)


* Edward’s family is rich and they have few requirements so point on favor. 1


If you've heard that the bride and groom have been hunting for a house to buy, that's a good sign. Homeowners aren't happier in marriage than renters, but there's a permanence to their life — a connection to a community. The house is also a roadblock to divorce, being hard to divide.


* They own a couple of houses now and a cottage so point in favor. 1


Now for the really fun stuff — their families. Pay close attention to the parents of the bride and groom. Are they divorced? If so, it's been known for some time that their children are at higher risk of divorce when they marry. It's quite significant — it raises their odds of divorce by 14%. But you need to know a little more before applying this handicap. Before the parents divorced, was their conflict loud and visible to the children? Or was their conflict kept hushed behind closed doors? Surprisingly, it's the children of the latter who are getting divorced. Growing up in a home where they thought everything was fine — until their parents suddenly announced their divorce — leads those children not to trust their relationships.


* Bella’s parents are divorced, but she was a baby when that happened, still Bella had a lot her reservations on marriage. So point against them on Bella’s part but in Edward's case both set of parents remained married for as long as they lived so is a 50/50 here. Half a point. ½


Watch the bride and her father as they walk down the aisle. Are they tense with each other? If so, that's bad. Women with poor relationships to their fathers are more likely to get divorced from their husband. That's not the case for the groom — the quality of his relationship to his father does not impact his odds.


* This is a tricky one, Charlie and Bella love each other but Bella didn’t involved him a lot on her life and she was already a big girl when she went to live on his house. And they are both very private persons. However at the wedding and before it they looked very close and he will visit them and their daughter. So half a point. ½


And the total is:

7 on favor and 1 against them. So they are very likely to stay together.


Of course this article doesn’t take in account two people that will live forever. But its interesting to see how much of the risks they have in favor or against.

More next time.

Part IV

Edward's lovemap.


Now with Edward we need to take in account the moment when he was freezed in time.


Edward was born on a time that had a clear definition of what meant to be a man, to fulfill his society quota, by marrying young, fathering kids and he personally had a hero complex of serving the nation during wartime, since he was and only son he probably was expected to carry on the family's tradition and name.


He had a purpose when pursuing anything, he had a role, a direction in life, in this simpler times people looked for the opposite sex, not only for love but to fulfill both a duty and a need, falling short of that it meant failure.


There were clear rules for this: man used chivalry, offered security and courtship to win a lady's hand. This environment shaped him till he was seventeen and the Spanish Influenza took away a loving mother and his father, his role model.


Carlisle became his father after this tragedy and his compassion and nobility won Edward's heart and he fell in a family and for a moment there, keeping himself in the son role was enough.


Now something happened, Carlisle turned Esme and eventually the two of them became a couple, this was probably something that removed Edward's memories and dreams about his former life and his lost manhood and I'm not talking about envy but longing of the things he would have had if the destiny would had being more kind to him.


I think Carlisle did noticed his growing restlessness and that is why he took the change to ease his heart with a female companion in Rosalie but there were other barriers that Rosalie couldn't just pass.


When he was turned and his power of mind reading arose, the mysteries of women were replaced by a reality of thoughts and ideas alien to him. Edward's erotic mind frame were developed on a time and day when the genders were still a shielded from each other (like is still on most traditional countries), with rigid gender roles that only few dared to challenge. Once the mystery was gone once he could know what a woman was thinking, the need for chivalry was lost. That had to take a big strike to his psyche.


Now this is not the only reason our Edward didn't became a man till he meet Bella.


He was a predator now, when he went into his murderous rampage he didn't targeted fragile women that would be an easy prey (like most traditional vampires do) but he instead tried to protect them being in some form the hero fate didn't let him be and hunted criminals to ease his thirst.


Now imagine that when he saved one of these young girls they would probably ran away from him with the same fear they might got to their attacker. He was never going to be someone’s hero or find a mate among humans, none of these girls would ever pay attention to him and if they did they were on constant danger of becoming prey.


He would never be a fully man. He came back home and do what most people do when they feel they will never be loved for whatever defect of their characters and/or physical, they posses: he repressed it, demonized all women as vapid and useless and concentrated on his family bonds for the rest of his limitless existence. In many ways he was he could be considered a loser.


Now he could have tried to turn his attentions to another vampire. First he needed a nice not feeding on humans mate and we know that is a choice that is scarce on their world, he also has a subconscious rejection for his kind and also needed someone that he could play a role a permanent one that allowed him to be a man. The role of protector/hero/husband was out of the question with a vampire.


The things got worse with the times: he was witness of the tumultuous years of woman suffrage’s movement and then women liberation and hundreds of hormone driven girls that fell in and out of love, betrayed, cheated, changer their minds and that also desired him just out of his vampire attractiveness.


All this was bound to kill any romantic/erotic desire Edward might have for women and thus his manly needs as well. Edward is not asexual, like some people claim, but sexually repressed, due to his very special circumstances.


Now along came Bella.


Bella looked especially frail to him and was specially attacked by a fellow peer for no good reason. He started to feel protective of her for no good reason but it was the first feeling he got out of Bella.


Now the Tua Cantante was the roadblock that could separate them forever, but this also had a role as well on the process of him allowing himself some love.


I will address it at the end let’s go back to Bella’s attractiveness.


Bella's private mind let Edward to actually get into the curiosity to approach her on a different way, the way a normal person finds friendship but I don’t think this was enough to fall for her, Edward surely know enough about human nature to guess most people response whether he reads them or not, and he has found people with sweet minds but he was not attracted to them (like Angela and his own sister Alice), Bella was different she surprised him on many occasions, she approached when she should had run, she kept the secret when anyone would be babbling or at least gossiping about it, she makes him laugh, no one does that on the books except his family and not all of them. She accepted him for what he was and she didn't though he was a monster.


He finally has enough to work with to get around the infatuation stage where our object of affection is everything we can dream. Many people despise this stage but is a very important step to make room for finding the time and interest to get to know a person and wanting them to get to know us, and Bella was always willing and have faith in him.


Now the “Blood singer” was an obstacle for their relationship but Edward needed to get over his low self esteem and self loathing as a vampire in order to be able to grow and allow Bella to see the positive side of him and for him to be willing to turn her and/or marry her, the test of not drinking her blood to surpass his father Carlisle on self control make him realize that he might not be as bad as he though and gave him the needed hope to continue his romance and to let go of some baggage he carried within himself for the last century.


Bella also didn't reject his need to protect her to be a hero, at least not completely. With all this he managed to remember that he was a man as well, his own sexual passions, his craving for company started to develop slowly towards this teen girl


He, driven by his need of being a protector, the lack of faith on himself, his own repulsion by his lack of soul and his fear that this would be just a stage on Bella's life and that she will find someone better than him, letting it all more empty hearted than before, tried to fight this feelings, and it ended up doing a bigger mess and confirming that he will never be the same and he couldn't escape it, he was hooked, and what it was worse Bella appeared to be as hooked as well, thus after the breakup he proposed knowing that he would never go back to the way he was before, and knowing that with Bella he could be a complete man, a human at least the closest thing to it. Bella is not only his woman he is also the symbol of his lost humanity.


Again this doesn't make her less than his true love it also means what else does she fulfill for him.

Next week we will see if this couple is going to last happily ever after or if they are going to get bored of each other in a century or two.

Part III

Bella’s love map

I'm using the term loosely, in this case I'm going to point out a little bit of how Bella’s personal definition of love came to be and why her actions on the story.

Note that all this is happening in Bella's subconscious. Normal people, unless they got a psychoanalyst, can't get to imagine why they like the things they like so it’s not something we hear Bella say or acknowledge.

Renee had Bella and soon after it she left Forks, then Bella became her companion, for the longest time they were the two of them against the world and since Renee is very unstable Bella had to assume the role of the responsible one, the caretaker so that every time Renee found a new temporary hobby, the house wouldn't crumble.

Now this created in Bella’s psyche the idea that love means to be needed, to fit a role in someone’s life. Her mother needed her and she did everything within her power to fill that need. That created a generational gap among her peers, that is why Bella doesn't behave like a normal teenager and is pretty much in charge of her life at a very young age.

Now, a collateral damage of this is that she cannot connect with normal teens, she got an emotional gap as well, thus why Bella never had a boyfriend or fell in love before at seventeen and her few friends in Phoenix didn’t keep in touch with her or she with them, when she moved.

Now this dynamic worked for both of them till Renee found another person to fulfill the need for stability she got from Bella and our heroine was already too old to change back to the role of the kid, thus she was emotionally devastated. Her mother clearly established that Phil was her new rock and when he was away she was not able to connect with Bella the way she had before. And if Renee is anything like Bella when she is depressed I can imagine that her mother was a complete train wreck when she was away from her new husband. Bella had to make a choice.

Bella could had tried what many teenagers do under this circumstances: try to break them up or at least create enough DRAMA! to gain attention again, and maybe regain some of her position in her mother's life. Instead, she tried to give her mother happiness and left, now this is a selfless act but it also was something she might have have thought as a solution. Her father was still single and “lonely”, I can imagine Bella though that he could probably need someone to take care of him so the move would give both of them happiness.

But Bella was wrong; Charlie enjoyed a quiet lonely life, with simple food, simple hobbies and a couple of friends. Bella insisted on trying to cook for him in an effort to get him to need her, but it was useless.

Of course Bella was not happy about this but it was time to meet other teens, at school we can clearly see how big a gap she has when her peers do nice things to her but she doesn't quite see them as nice, she just feels pressured, she is not ready to try and connect with teens of her age thus their advances are unwelcome. Look how she only truly likes Angela, the shy one, because she is not forcing the link, but waiting for Bella to get used to it on her own terms. And about the boys that ask her out all of them are part of a social group, they look adjusted and normal, they don’t need her.

Now something amazing happens. The Cullen kids.
The Cullen kids are attractive, but despised; they are isolated in the middle of the crowded school. Bella can relate to that, she finds out that they are all couples, all of them except for the slim one. He was alone for no good reason.

Bella's psyche most had jumped right away. Even if she doesn't have enough self esteem to actually think the lonely one might be interested, she still can see there is a void that she could feel that maybe he would need her, maybe as a friend or someone that understands the isolation, the seeds were planted.

Now Edward's reaction (disgust and avoidance) was devastating to her because she already entertained (subconsciously of course) the though of maybe filling that empty seat at the cafeteria table and to find out the total opposite reaction brought her to the tears we testified.

Now I don’t think Bella is totally stupid, if Edward would have kept his distance I’m sure she would probably concentrate again on her father or try to find another socially challenged kid to connect with. But of course a miracle happens: Edward saves Bella's life.

This is the bond that will join them together forever. Bella finds out there is a secret and decides to create the first glimpse of intimacy by not telling anyone about it. This is the first need she identifies on Edward, the need to keep his secret. She fulfilled her role, she is showing her willingness to be whatever he needs her to be and this secret is powerful enough to make her attraction to Edward stronger and maybe to move him enough to try and approach.

The rest of the story just lures Bella longer into finding the need to fill to be whole and complete, to be loved and be able to love. Edward shows her sides of him that she can start to accommodate in her psyche (he needs someone to protect thus her fragility is endearing for the first time ever, he needs someone to have faith in him since he sees himself as barely human, so she does that too), when she meets the Cullens she is already in love with Edward but she sees that they are all couples that had been together for decades and they are only missing a female, Edward's companion. Now the bound is unbreakable. They receive her, mostly, with open arms and show her a place she could be needed forever. There is no going back from Bella at that point.

Now her insistence on becoming a vampire has to do with the love she has for Edward because she knows that even if he believes that he would love her forever the idea of being replaced, yet again, when she gets older, or if she gets sick or dies or if another vampire girl enters his life, her humanity could become an annoyance and a defect at any point in time its too much to bear, the danger of losing her place at some point and there won’t be a point to return and that she would never really be needed as human as she will be needed as a vampire on the family. She needs to become a vampire in order to keep the place she found, the best place life had offered so far and probably would never be offered again and she needs to do it fast since most of the Cullens are not older than her, she doesn’t want to pass as the new aunt at some point she wants a place that cannot be taken by anyone else ever. Edward’s mate, Alice’s and Emmet’s sister, Esme and Carlisle daughter. She want a place on that family and the heart of the man she loved.

All this leads to the deep depression she got into once Edward left her in New Moon.

Now, many people think that all this means that Bella needs a man in her life, she doesn't need a man but someone, anyone, she can connect and fulfill a role to have a sense of self, someone that needs her. If Edward had broken up with her but Alice had sticked around I'm sure Bella would had fared much better.

Jacob connecting to Bella was due to the fact that there was no one else for her to connect with, the human friends are too adjusted, Charlie also had his life and she started to see a need for her from him, a lot less than Edward's but he needed her, she could fill the tiny void and be with him, second best because she had no choice, but once Alice came to visit, Bella started to take a distance from him, almost instantly this shows IMO that is not about the gender but the company. She could be Alice’s sister again. Jacob became lower on her list of affections.

The love triangle on the rest of the books was mostly due to Bella not knowing who needed her more. Jacob was insistent on his advances and the threads he made were proof that he needed her, but Edward centuries' old solitude, and hard work to find ways to make her happy, plus the family she might belong forever were bigger than Jacob's thus she choose Edward.

Now at this point she thought no one will need her more than Edward and thus she was ready to leave everything behind for him, humanity and childbearing. But she found someone that needed her more once she got pregnant and for the first time since she meet him, Edward became second in Bella's life. The baby needed her more and she was not going to back down from him or her, even if it she was risking her own life.

Bella need of being needed is the reason; her love for Edward didn't know boundaries or rationality. Now this doesn't make it any less true love, it just explains where the bond came from and became so strong so fast.



Next time Edward's lovemap.
Part II

Edward Cullen, Prince and Dragon.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a misunderstood, troubled man in possession of a bad temper, mood swings, loneliness, and poor communication skills, must be in want of his true love.

The archetype of the wild-man that is transformed by humanity in the form of a lovely lady is as old as writing itself. The epic poem of Gilgamesh (2150-2000 BCE), which is one of the earliest known written texts, portrays the story of how Enkidu left his wild side and embraced civilization and peace with the help of Shamhat (love priestess). Of course this is not a love story, but it surely represents the first seeds of this everlasting fascination for “bad boys” being changed by a woman into becoming better men.

Edward Cullen is the latest update on the theme of love transforming people for the better.

Now: why SOME women like this idea.

It is in human nature both to want to belong and to feel special. Being the catalyst of change in a man when no other woman has done it before is the ultimate proof of specialness for a lot of people. Women can and do love both a challenge and the joys of hunting, so catching one of those hard-to-get types is also very endearing (although obviously rare in real life). Add to that the fact that Edward is also a virgin by choice, which turns you into the ultimate sex goddess. I think for men this would be the equivalent of giving a lady her first orgasm when she never had one with previous lovers.

Edward is already on his way to redemption when this shy schoolgirl enters his life, bringing with her the ultimate test to his goodness: the alluring scent of her blood, and a challenge -- his inability to read her thoughts.
Edward, like Mr. Darcy or Beast, undergoes a big transformation -- through Bella he rediscovers his true humanity, comes to understand what love really is, and has a chance at happiness.

In the end, Bella saves him from what he considers a "damned" existence by giving him a taste of the life he would have likely followed if death and vampirism hadn't happened to him.

But Edward has two other masks, or roles to play, in this tale. He is both the Princess (and no, not that kind of princess) and The Dragon.

In classic tales, the hero finds true love in the hands of the princess he rescues, but also wins everything that comes with her: a kingdom, power, richness, and immortality. The princess also symbolizes a reward.
Bella’s many acts of selflessness -- including placing her mother’s happiness over her own, and her brave ability to actually see beyond the Dragon skin and see the hero in him, is the first step to winning her own reward and everything that comes with it.

Now, since Edward is also The Dragon (embodied by his vampire nature), he is constantly struggling with himself to keep Bella safe and to allow his transformation. During the story, his struggles manifest in a way that allows many uncomfortable moments that might hurt some readers' modern sensitivities, especially if they are expecting a flawless character or a modern code of behavior. Some scenes may be particularly offensive to some readers when the first words that describe the character in the voice of the narrator (and the way many of his fans see him) is: "perfect."

Edward is considered the perfect Prince Charming/boyfriend/husband by many women not because he lacks flaws (as we know, he has many), but he lacks the flaws that are currently the most frustrating in relationships with men for many modern women of various ages.

Edward is not afraid to either love or commit; in fact he is immediately ready to commit to Bella upon knowing she loved him too. Edward doesn’t sit back with the knowledge of Bella’s love and then neglect their relationship -- au contraire, he is always struggling to improve their love life and look for better ways to woo Bella. In a world where books like “He's Just Not That Into You” make the best-seller lists, it is obvious that a man depicted like Edward (that is unapologetically, totally, and completely into you) sounds just too good not to fantasize about.

He would never forget anniversaries, he is not going to change Bella for the prettiest girl around the corner, and he doesn’t use his physical attractiveness to try and make Bella feel that she is lucky to be with him (that is merely Bella’s personal thinking). He is generous, he is not afraid to show his feelings because he fears looking unmanly or because it might leave him in a vulnerable position. It appears as though he is never going to prefer his buddies over his wife/girlfriend, and the in-laws adore Bella. In fact, he lacks any defect a modern man/boy might sport. Now, tell me if that is not tempting!

He is also highly protective, pushy, overreacts, and self loathing... but he (unlike plenty of modern men) acknowledges these traits as flaws. He does not accept them as "the way he is"; rather he works his hardest to change -- without needing Bella to yell/nag/bitch at him -- and in the end he always comes out improved and better.

This is another key point. He does not hold the idea that the work to improve the relationship is only the woman's/girl's responsibility, but he clearly feels it is his as well -- and that is a hell of a selling point on attractiveness.

Some readers have discussed their problem with the fact that Edward sometimes has a temper and tries to impose his ideas on others, as well as the fact that he appears to be too overprotective. Such behaviors are unsettling because it is not the way modern women want to be treated, neither is it the way men think we want to be treated. Thus for many readers his positive qualities are overshadowed by this behavior; behavior that could resemble (under real life circumstances and personally to some people) an abusive partner. But there is a big difference between resembling an abuser in the narrative of a story and actually being one.

Just "resembling" abusive behavior can be enough to actually trigger some people’s aversion to him, but I think there are other reasons Edward is as hated as he is loved.


Men in particular tend to hate him.

Women are the ones that often choose the males -- if Edward really is the new standard of attractiveness, then men probably will hate him because he is beyond reach for them. Edward is described as perfect by Bella; everything he does is beautiful, everything he does is right. Even his handwriting is perfect.

Women claiming they want an Edward in their lives is unsettling for modern men because perfection is beyond human means, and it does not help that Edward is the ultimate Metrosexual (well groomed, nicely dressed, perfect skin, articulate, well read, rich), where in the same book the more normal guy (Jacob) that uses the standard ways to win the girl (supportive, being a good friend, spending time with her, finding hobbies to share and common ground) is given the boot.

Of course the vitriolic hate toward him is understandable if men think that when women lust for Edward it is because they want a perfect man. The truth is that even if Edward is described as beautiful and perfect, every woman has a more personal idea of what HER version of Edward is like.

Maybe for some it is a man that doesn’t play games, that calls when he says he will, that does not flirt, that spends time with them, or maybe takes out the trash without being asked to.

I think it is better to ask women individually what Edward symbolizes to them, rather than assume that women feel the same about everything described in the books. Bella is the one gushing over Edward on every other page, but most readers I know get tired of it after a few paragraphs and concentrate on what Edward means to them.

There is another possibility that I hope is not the majority. This is that the men who hate Edward are really the type of man that would be willing to trade their significant others for a new, hotter model if the opportunity arose. We have seen on the TV, especially lately, high profile men leaving/cheating on their wives/girlfriends with the hot nanny/model/actress/or call girl.

This means that SOME men, when they watch Megan Fox at the movie theater, may well be thinking that if they could have her instead of their partner they would trade them in the blink of an eye. So women drooling over Edward or Rob Pattinson is too unsettling for them. The idea that the women in their lives have an ideal in their minds, and that they would be willing to embrace that ideal if the opportunity arose (or worse, that it might be on their minds every time they make love) can really get into some men’s psyche -- and of course makes them hate both the object of that affection and the medium that provided it.

To those men I say: well, you deserve it. If you have "settled" for someone -- not an ideal, but your second choice -- then don’t get offended if that someone settled for you as well.

Now next episode we will deal with the dynamics of the controversial/adored couple: Bedward.

Part I Bella

First before you read this I think you should know a little about me.
I love these books/movies the same way I loved Xena the Warrior Princess, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, X-Files, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dark Angel, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Lord of the Rings, Sailor Moon, Pushing Daisies, Chicago, The Midsts of Avalon, The Handmaid's Tale, Frankenstein, Pride and Prejudice, The Wondrous life of Oscar Wao, Watchmen, The Golden Notebook, Silk, Harry Potter, Amelie, I Robot, From The Earth To The Moon...

Well I'm actually the kind of person that tries to find the good in everything so I like almost everything so the list would be shorter if I were to list the things I don't like.

I'm also a writer and I like to analyze the things I like and feel passionate about whether I love them or not. So when I entered the world of forums and Internet to look for more info about Twilight I was shocked to see all the extreme reactions that surround the series.

So my first thought was to find out why. I won't talk about the literary style which I have a lot of things I didn't like, but the first rule of writing is to write the truth, whatever that truth is, and that the words let the truth come to live in the story and I think at least in that respect the story was written in a successful way. The truth is there and the story is alive. And for me the story it what matters.

I also happen to be a woman.
I decide to define myself as a sentient being and what makes me happy as it, and after that comes my gender.
It hasn't always been like that, I started life trying to fit my gender role according to how my social network expected me to be and after I became a teen I became an extreme feminist. Neither options made me happy so I reached this compromise with myself around my late 20's and it works!
I do what it pleases me and hurts no one or what I believe is the best. The gender is an important part of me but doesn't define me. I'm married to a wonderful man (that hates Twilight BTW) but I love him as a person first and then I enjoy him as a man as well.
So I consider myself anti-sexism if I have to say something. I do not like labels because labeling oneself almost always means rejecting others' POVs and I don't do that. I try to have my place in the world without thinking that others should do the same and accepting the others ones, as long and they don't hurt others to achieve their own happiness.

Now that you know a bit about me, you can decide to stop reading and use your time for something more productive or read what I have to say. Just wanted to give you the choice I never had. (Lestat quote).

Bella Swan. Classic heroine.

Well let's start with the center around which everything revolves in Twilight: Isabella Marie Swan.

Bella starts this journey from being plain, average teenage girl to become an immortal, beautiful vampire with a classic monomyth act. She leaves her home to enter a new special world. If you check Joseph Campell Hero's journey and Maureen Murdock: Heroine's journey this is the same setting used for several classic heroes.
Since all of you know the rest of how the story go.I would just say we are seeing an archetype that has been used for over 5,000 years or maybe more to tale stories. It's no surprise that Bella's journey ended up being so compelling; she has the power of myth behind her, a myth used on thousands of heroes before her. Pysche, Perseo, Belle, Luke Skywalker....

What sets her apart from most heroes is that Bella fits another role in the story. One that is most controversial in this time and day. She is the damsel in constant danger.

Stephenie Meyer's world is one where humans are powerless so Bella being human for a big part of the story renders her in perpetual need of rescue.
Now this doesn't mean that she is there just to get tied to the train's path and scream for the hero to save her. She is actively participating in the saving, whether placing input in the plan, or changing the plan completely or risking her life to save her loved ones or using her instincts. But it is important to note that Bella's fragility is not a chosen weakness because she is female.
In the story a lot of female vampires and one werewolf are as powerful and even more powerful than men.

It also doesn't mean that Bella feels like it's a role she must fulfill forever, she doesn't limit herself. Her longing for Edward is indeed love but is also the yearning to become an effective protector, he didn't need her to become a vampire to continue loving her for as long as she lived, but she was not satisfied with only that, she chose to leave behind the skin of a Damsel in distress and be able to stop being vulnerable to the new special world she just encountered and that she knows now she can't break unless she transforms herself.
She wanted to be Superman too, like she stated in the first book.
Now there is another role that Bella fits, that also adds to the success.
Bella is a rebel.

The modern setting of the story gives us a set of expected attitudes from a woman of Bella's age. Any 17 year old is part of a social group (whether a nerd, a cheerleader, an athlete...), they are picking a lot of extracurricular activities to prepare for the future, they are thinking on what careers they are going to take, their parents supervise their activities, they are evaluating what kind of guys they must be dating and try to make sure not to get with someone that might hurt them both physically and emotionally, they need to control their sexuality to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies, false expectations and STDs, they are dieting to look healthy they are on constant pressure from everyone.

By contrast, Bella is laid back, lives in the moment, is not obsessed with her future or career, she doesn't enjoy conflicts or fights, once she makes up her mind she sticks to her decision no matter what, she doesn't ask permission from her parents to make her plans, she doesn't have specific hobbies but does whatever she finds entertaining at the moment, without schedules: whether cooking, shopping, visiting the beach or a friend. She lets an unknown man into her life only using her instincts, trusts him and allows him to enter her bedroom every night without the consent of her father, she abandons herself to her feelings towards him without reservations, boundaries or regrets. She lets a man become her priority/center in life. Which is possibly one of the most dangerous thing for a woman to do.

She is completely going against society's proper behavior of the modern woman.

That is just one of the reasons, IMO, that makes her story appealing to girls and women around the world. In this modern world with a lot of pressures from the moment they are born the idea of "what if I stopped worrying and only followed my instincts instead of my brain or what my social group want me to do?" It is a very attractive question one could play with.

That is also IMO the reason a lot of people hate her journey, because after she does almost everything a woman shouldn't do she gets away with it. Edward carries her to a family that loves her and accepts her, where there is luxury, and a rich tradition, surrounded by a stimulating environment of arts, adventures and history, with all the time in the world to pursue what she likes and pleasures of all kinds.

When in normal Real Life a woman with Bella's behavior might end up pregnant, killed, barefoot and in the kitchen, with a STD, as an unwanted single mother, in a loveless/bad marriage or with a string of failed relationships, depressed, or/and penniless.

The slap on the face of how our society works now is a big part of why a lot of people like these books and why a lot of people hate them with a fire of two thousand suns and the fear that some young women that adore this series would end up trying to imitate Bella's behavior, or that grown women get carried away from this fantasy and fall on the same trap.

I will talk about this when we discuss books and how they have affected people in subsequent posts. But we are done for the moment.

Writer's Block: Instant attraction

Do you think romantic chemistry is instant or evolving? Have you ever given someone a second (or third) chance and lived to regret it? Have you ever fallen in love with someone you didn't particularly like or desire at first?

In my personal experience is always evolving. I can see a guy and think is cute or my type but if nothing else gets my attention or if once I start to get to know him he doesn't have any of the things I like in a man, then nothing happens. Now I can see a guy that could be the opposite of my type and I could fell for him for his inner person. I had never given a second chance to anyone since once I fell out of love is because a BIG reason something the other person is that I cannot tolerate so I usually never fall in love again so why bother? I have had developed crushes on people I didn't particularly liked or dislike but never fell in love because again, is now or never for me all or nothing.


An unofficial Watchmen sequel by Ana Bastow






    This is a sequel that mixes elements from the movie and the graphic novel, so if you didn't like the movie. DON'T READ THIS! If you feel like I'm not a real fan because I incorporated the movie changes: go whine to Alan Moore. I have little use for whiny fanboys (I'm a fangirl and I don't whine), now if you are going to offer constructive criticism that might end up improving the work then by all means share it.



  2. I don't have a new Tales of the Black Freighter in here yet. If the muses bless me with a new story for it or another pirate comic. I will add it as a whole, the same for any excerpts like interviews, medical reports... Anything that enriches the story would be added later on if it ever comes to me.

  3. This story is around the central characters we all know and love. There are no side stories involving the way normal humans react to this world like in the GN. Except for one, but that will give away a twist so I won't say it. Like with the Tales if a story of a side characters come to me I will gladly add it here.

  4. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended. I do not own the Watchmen characters. Just having fun and paying homage to the comic that brought the dawn to all comics heroes as we knew it.

  5. I will update this sequel weekly.


  1. English is not my first language so bear that in mind if something is worded funny...and then point it out so I will correct it. Now enjoy...or not.




Chapter II




Bright eyes.



Her eyes stopped on Jon’s and he looked at her in awe. Laurie turned red but tried to calm down, Dan was sweating cold.

Dr. Osterman…I presume” Said the girl approaching. Jon, responded startled.

Do you know who I am?!”

She got close to him looking at his blue body with curiosity and pleasure…like mother, like daughter.

Yes…I also knew that we will meet some day…That happens a lot to me”

Dan interrupted again, seeing Laurie was getting even more upset over this talk.


Laurie and I told her everything about you; she knows the truth behind the attacks.” Jon smiled thankful. This was a genuine smirk, that Laurie didn’t liked.



Oh well she found your investigation while doing her thesis on college, and started to ask questions and investigate on her own, it was a matter of time before she figured out the rest either way so...”

Are you a physicists?”


Yes, I graduated last year.”




You look so young”




I was always the first of my class…a girl genius they used to call me”




Interesting choice of career...”



I was attracted to science since I was little, well is not a surprised Dad always read me his books about owls, birds and mechanics and let me help him fix Archie”

And the mask adventurer costume tradition also comes from the family as well, apparently”

Laurie interrupted

That was my mother’s influence on her: God lets her soul rest in peace. She was always telling her stories of her, and mine, glorious fighting crime days and the nobility of heroes and all that crap…” Karen smiled, rolling her eyes.

By the time I was twelve I was already beating bullies at school, mom did not approved but once I got beaten so hard that I ended up in the hospital so they decided that they might as well teach me how to defend myself and Dad made me very cool weapons. I took my mother’s and my grandma’s Sally old design and redid it to my tastes”


I though masked vigilantes were still banned…”




Oh they are…” she said winking “I sneak around wearing a costume for a reason, you know?”



How can you combine, your work as a legitimate scientist and as an masked adventurer?”

I wear glasses at the lab”

Jon looks puzzle.


It works for Clark Kent”




Who?” Karen smiles.




Nevermind... I read all your research: your work is fascinating…The way you tried and described the gluons works, is the dream of every physicist…Is my dream.” Jon added.



And dangerous, last time it almost caused the end of human existence” Karen’s bright eyes looked like fading.

Sorry my manners are rusty…It’s been nineteen years since I interacted with humans...”


Twenty”. Corrected Laurie.



“… Sometimes this things slip my mind”

Its okay... Talking about manners: We haven't been introduced properly my name is Dr. Karen Sally Dreiberg”

She touched his hand to shake it; suddenly she had a flash of memories like a pack of wild horses crossing her head, trying to break it in two. She saw her mother crying with a paper on her hands that looked like some sort of medical test. She was still a baby, tucked in her cradle, her dad was comforting her:


No one will ever know and Jon would not come back for her, so don’t worry she is OURS, she is not going anywhere, she won’t…”



Laurie separated them. They looked confused.


What just happened?” Asked Jon “Never a human reacted this way to me...There is something different on her…”



Laurie shook Karen paying no attention to Jon.

What did you saw!?” Asked with angry tears.

I saw you crying when I was a baby and dad reassuring you that Dr. Osterman wouldn’t come back…for me?” Laurie covered her mouth and looked around confused.

Why would he come back for me, mom?”


Jon with his characteristic voice like talking to himself kept whispering.




When she touched me I saw a string of energy coming from her, similar to what my body generates....How is that possible Laurie?...




How do you think is possible, Jon?! A girl born nine months after you left, from me: your lover, know some events from the future or the past, is also attracted to science and now she generates energy closer to you? Isn’t it obvious?”



Jon's voice sounded nervous for the first time in years.


She is.... my daughter!”




Oh, thy bright eyes must answer now,
When Reason, with a scornful brow,
Is mocking at my overthrow!
Oh, thy sweet tongue must plead for me
And tell why I have chosen thee!

Oh, thy bright eyes must answer now. Emily Bronte.

WATCHERS - Watchmen unofficial sequel.

SUMMARY: 20 years after the events on the the movie/graphic novel Dr. Manhattan comes back because there is a thread against humanity again. 12 chapters updated weekly.

1. This is a sequel that mixes elements from the movie and the graphic novel, so if you didn't like the movie. DON'T READ THIS! If you feel like I'm not a real fan because I incorporated the movie changes: go whine to Alan Moore. I have little use for whiny fanboys (I'm a fangirl and I don't whine), now if you are going to offer constructive criticism that might end up improving the work then by all means share it.
2. I don't have a new Tales of the Black Freighter in here yet. If the muses bless me with a new story for it or another pirate comic. I will add it as a whole, the same for any excerpts like interviews, medical reports... Anything that enriches the story would be added later on if it ever comes to me.
3. This story is around the central characters we all know and love. There are no side stories involving the way normal humans react to this world like in the GN. Except for one, but that will give away a twist so I won't say it. Like with the Tales if a story of a side characters come to me I will gladly add it here.
4. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended. I do not own the Watchmen characters. Just having fun and paying homage to the comic that brought the dawn to all comics heroes as we knew it.
5. I will update this sequel weekly.
6. English is not my first language so bear that in mind if something is worded funny...and then if you want to, point it out so I will correct it. Now enjoy...or not.

Chapter I
In the glow of the night.

The house was dark.
This was not normal, she left the lights on and Dan was not supposed to be asleep for the next couple of hours and certainly never without taking his cup of coffee. That is why she was so late outside; she forgot to buy it this morning and was retrieving it so Dan could get some before a nice night of sleep. After quitting her masked vigilante days she was always home early, helping Dan as much as she could with all the programs and the businesses it was not easy to follow Adrian's plans but it was their duty, they were the only ones that knew at what cost was world peace achieved.
Was he sick? Was Karen at home hiding from the police... again?
While approaching to their home, she managed to catch a glimpse of a light blue glow under the door, a glow she was too familiar with, a glow she had been dreading to see again..for almost 20 years.
She opened the door and smelled him again, that smell, that it could only be described as purity, was filling her living room, like it filled her decades ago, before he left her, before he left earth.
She knew, that he knew she was entering and she knew, he will know what she will say, even before she said it herself; even if he would let her say it first anyway just to please her…she hated that.
“Hello, Jon”
She said while finding her husband sited on a chair, drinking some coffee, talking to her ex-boyfriend. The indestructible man, the one that everybody though tried to destroy humanity when in fact he saved him…or didn’t he?
“I can see you made some coffee for Dan…”
She tried to stay casual and placed the shopping bags on the table, but then a sudden rush of fear made her explode.
“What the hell are you doing here?! If people see you at our home …!”
“Don’t be upset, Laurie. No one knows I’m here, Dan turned closed the curtains to make sure your neighbors don’t see me…We are safe” He said calmly on that soothing voice that sounded like hot honey on his throat.
“Is true Laurie, besides no one will think that “God” would be visiting a house on New York a this point” Dan was very calmed, or at least that was what he wanted everybody to think, but the way his hand was grabbing the coffee mug was a give away that he, as well, was not at ease.
“You look like you left yesterday”
She said while sitting next to Dan holding his hand. She needed to feel close to him. Jon's presence reminded her how soft and flawless his skin was, and she loved to feel a warm, wrinkled, human hand close to wash away the feelings, the memories…
“You look…old, like I left twenty years ago” Said Jon with curiosity on his voice, the passage of time always puzzling him.
“Always the gentleman” she said sarcastically.
Dan interrupted. “He called me old and fat as well…at least he didn’t called you fat” trying to smile, Jon tried to play the game and smiled too but it was a fake grin and Laurie was not amused.
“So tell us, why you are here so you can leave”
“While, I am attempting to create life on a galaxy far away. I found my vision of the future obscured, again. Do you remember what happened the last time I couldn’t see the future, Laurie?”
He wanted to give her some of the comfort of her acting like her actions were not already written and played, like the puppets all of them were.
“Oh my God! Do you think that we are on the verge of another nuclear war?!”
“ I can’t be certain…The high levels of tachyons could be product of a massive nuclear attack or just one of Veidt's experiments gone wrong”
“Adrian’s is dead…” Said Dan “We control his businesses now and there is nothing being done that could go so wrong that could destroy the world… or at least that is what I though” He finished his coffee.
“I think is best to verify: wouldn’t be the first time that we are betrayed by people we trust wouldn’t it?” added Jon.
Laurie looked a little bit puzzled.
“You knew of Adrian’s death”
“ I knew you were going to tell me…I can still see a little seconds into the future”
There was an awkward silence for a moment.
“How was that life you wanted to create?” Asked Dan, trying to light the mood.
“Fascinating!…I had been trying to, since the moment I left, but even if every molecule, every atom is in place something important, something that I can’t seem to grasp, is missing and all my innumerable attempts had failed. I guess there is more to biology than mere molecules arranged on the right order…” He paused for a moment looking into the seconds to come.
“But it looks like you had been more successful than me”
A beautiful young woman with light blue eyes, so bright that looked like a glow, entered quickly through the front door. She was dressed in a spandex costume yellow and black and closed the door behind her.
“Mom, dad I need to crash here tonight…”

Sheets of double glazing
Help to keep outside the night
Only foreign city sirens can cut through
Nylon sheets and blankets
Help to minimize the cold
But they can't keep out the chilling sounds
Will the nightmare soon give way to dreaming
That she is here with me
Here in the glow of the night.
In the glow of the night. Tony Banks. Genesis.

Feliz Cumpleaños!

I wish you a great B-Day. Keep the good work!