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WATCHERS - Watchmen unofficial sequel.

SUMMARY: 20 years after the events on the the movie/graphic novel Dr. Manhattan comes back because there is a thread against humanity again. 12 chapters updated weekly.

1. This is a sequel that mixes elements from the movie and the graphic novel, so if you didn't like the movie. DON'T READ THIS! If you feel like I'm not a real fan because I incorporated the movie changes: go whine to Alan Moore. I have little use for whiny fanboys (I'm a fangirl and I don't whine), now if you are going to offer constructive criticism that might end up improving the work then by all means share it.
2. I don't have a new Tales of the Black Freighter in here yet. If the muses bless me with a new story for it or another pirate comic. I will add it as a whole, the same for any excerpts like interviews, medical reports... Anything that enriches the story would be added later on if it ever comes to me.
3. This story is around the central characters we all know and love. There are no side stories involving the way normal humans react to this world like in the GN. Except for one, but that will give away a twist so I won't say it. Like with the Tales if a story of a side characters come to me I will gladly add it here.
4. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended. I do not own the Watchmen characters. Just having fun and paying homage to the comic that brought the dawn to all comics heroes as we knew it.
5. I will update this sequel weekly.
6. English is not my first language so bear that in mind if something is worded funny...and then if you want to, point it out so I will correct it. Now enjoy...or not.

Chapter I
In the glow of the night.

The house was dark.
This was not normal, she left the lights on and Dan was not supposed to be asleep for the next couple of hours and certainly never without taking his cup of coffee. That is why she was so late outside; she forgot to buy it this morning and was retrieving it so Dan could get some before a nice night of sleep. After quitting her masked vigilante days she was always home early, helping Dan as much as she could with all the programs and the businesses it was not easy to follow Adrian's plans but it was their duty, they were the only ones that knew at what cost was world peace achieved.
Was he sick? Was Karen at home hiding from the police... again?
While approaching to their home, she managed to catch a glimpse of a light blue glow under the door, a glow she was too familiar with, a glow she had been dreading to see again..for almost 20 years.
She opened the door and smelled him again, that smell, that it could only be described as purity, was filling her living room, like it filled her decades ago, before he left her, before he left earth.
She knew, that he knew she was entering and she knew, he will know what she will say, even before she said it herself; even if he would let her say it first anyway just to please her…she hated that.
“Hello, Jon”
She said while finding her husband sited on a chair, drinking some coffee, talking to her ex-boyfriend. The indestructible man, the one that everybody though tried to destroy humanity when in fact he saved him…or didn’t he?
“I can see you made some coffee for Dan…”
She tried to stay casual and placed the shopping bags on the table, but then a sudden rush of fear made her explode.
“What the hell are you doing here?! If people see you at our home …!”
“Don’t be upset, Laurie. No one knows I’m here, Dan turned closed the curtains to make sure your neighbors don’t see me…We are safe” He said calmly on that soothing voice that sounded like hot honey on his throat.
“Is true Laurie, besides no one will think that “God” would be visiting a house on New York a this point” Dan was very calmed, or at least that was what he wanted everybody to think, but the way his hand was grabbing the coffee mug was a give away that he, as well, was not at ease.
“You look like you left yesterday”
She said while sitting next to Dan holding his hand. She needed to feel close to him. Jon's presence reminded her how soft and flawless his skin was, and she loved to feel a warm, wrinkled, human hand close to wash away the feelings, the memories…
“You look…old, like I left twenty years ago” Said Jon with curiosity on his voice, the passage of time always puzzling him.
“Always the gentleman” she said sarcastically.
Dan interrupted. “He called me old and fat as well…at least he didn’t called you fat” trying to smile, Jon tried to play the game and smiled too but it was a fake grin and Laurie was not amused.
“So tell us, why you are here so you can leave”
“While, I am attempting to create life on a galaxy far away. I found my vision of the future obscured, again. Do you remember what happened the last time I couldn’t see the future, Laurie?”
He wanted to give her some of the comfort of her acting like her actions were not already written and played, like the puppets all of them were.
“Oh my God! Do you think that we are on the verge of another nuclear war?!”
“ I can’t be certain…The high levels of tachyons could be product of a massive nuclear attack or just one of Veidt's experiments gone wrong”
“Adrian’s is dead…” Said Dan “We control his businesses now and there is nothing being done that could go so wrong that could destroy the world… or at least that is what I though” He finished his coffee.
“I think is best to verify: wouldn’t be the first time that we are betrayed by people we trust wouldn’t it?” added Jon.
Laurie looked a little bit puzzled.
“You knew of Adrian’s death”
“ I knew you were going to tell me…I can still see a little seconds into the future”
There was an awkward silence for a moment.
“How was that life you wanted to create?” Asked Dan, trying to light the mood.
“Fascinating!…I had been trying to, since the moment I left, but even if every molecule, every atom is in place something important, something that I can’t seem to grasp, is missing and all my innumerable attempts had failed. I guess there is more to biology than mere molecules arranged on the right order…” He paused for a moment looking into the seconds to come.
“But it looks like you had been more successful than me”
A beautiful young woman with light blue eyes, so bright that looked like a glow, entered quickly through the front door. She was dressed in a spandex costume yellow and black and closed the door behind her.
“Mom, dad I need to crash here tonight…”

Sheets of double glazing
Help to keep outside the night
Only foreign city sirens can cut through
Nylon sheets and blankets
Help to minimize the cold
But they can't keep out the chilling sounds
Will the nightmare soon give way to dreaming
That she is here with me
Here in the glow of the night.
In the glow of the night. Tony Banks. Genesis.