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An unofficial Watchmen sequel by Ana Bastow






    This is a sequel that mixes elements from the movie and the graphic novel, so if you didn't like the movie. DON'T READ THIS! If you feel like I'm not a real fan because I incorporated the movie changes: go whine to Alan Moore. I have little use for whiny fanboys (I'm a fangirl and I don't whine), now if you are going to offer constructive criticism that might end up improving the work then by all means share it.



  2. I don't have a new Tales of the Black Freighter in here yet. If the muses bless me with a new story for it or another pirate comic. I will add it as a whole, the same for any excerpts like interviews, medical reports... Anything that enriches the story would be added later on if it ever comes to me.

  3. This story is around the central characters we all know and love. There are no side stories involving the way normal humans react to this world like in the GN. Except for one, but that will give away a twist so I won't say it. Like with the Tales if a story of a side characters come to me I will gladly add it here.

  4. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended. I do not own the Watchmen characters. Just having fun and paying homage to the comic that brought the dawn to all comics heroes as we knew it.

  5. I will update this sequel weekly.


  1. English is not my first language so bear that in mind if something is worded funny...and then point it out so I will correct it. Now enjoy...or not.




Chapter II




Bright eyes.



Her eyes stopped on Jon’s and he looked at her in awe. Laurie turned red but tried to calm down, Dan was sweating cold.

Dr. Osterman…I presume” Said the girl approaching. Jon, responded startled.

Do you know who I am?!”

She got close to him looking at his blue body with curiosity and pleasure…like mother, like daughter.

Yes…I also knew that we will meet some day…That happens a lot to me”

Dan interrupted again, seeing Laurie was getting even more upset over this talk.


Laurie and I told her everything about you; she knows the truth behind the attacks.” Jon smiled thankful. This was a genuine smirk, that Laurie didn’t liked.



Oh well she found your investigation while doing her thesis on college, and started to ask questions and investigate on her own, it was a matter of time before she figured out the rest either way so...”

Are you a physicists?”


Yes, I graduated last year.”




You look so young”




I was always the first of my class…a girl genius they used to call me”




Interesting choice of career...”



I was attracted to science since I was little, well is not a surprised Dad always read me his books about owls, birds and mechanics and let me help him fix Archie”

And the mask adventurer costume tradition also comes from the family as well, apparently”

Laurie interrupted

That was my mother’s influence on her: God lets her soul rest in peace. She was always telling her stories of her, and mine, glorious fighting crime days and the nobility of heroes and all that crap…” Karen smiled, rolling her eyes.

By the time I was twelve I was already beating bullies at school, mom did not approved but once I got beaten so hard that I ended up in the hospital so they decided that they might as well teach me how to defend myself and Dad made me very cool weapons. I took my mother’s and my grandma’s Sally old design and redid it to my tastes”


I though masked vigilantes were still banned…”




Oh they are…” she said winking “I sneak around wearing a costume for a reason, you know?”



How can you combine, your work as a legitimate scientist and as an masked adventurer?”

I wear glasses at the lab”

Jon looks puzzle.


It works for Clark Kent”




Who?” Karen smiles.




Nevermind... I read all your research: your work is fascinating…The way you tried and described the gluons works, is the dream of every physicist…Is my dream.” Jon added.



And dangerous, last time it almost caused the end of human existence” Karen’s bright eyes looked like fading.

Sorry my manners are rusty…It’s been nineteen years since I interacted with humans...”


Twenty”. Corrected Laurie.



“… Sometimes this things slip my mind”

Its okay... Talking about manners: We haven't been introduced properly my name is Dr. Karen Sally Dreiberg”

She touched his hand to shake it; suddenly she had a flash of memories like a pack of wild horses crossing her head, trying to break it in two. She saw her mother crying with a paper on her hands that looked like some sort of medical test. She was still a baby, tucked in her cradle, her dad was comforting her:


No one will ever know and Jon would not come back for her, so don’t worry she is OURS, she is not going anywhere, she won’t…”



Laurie separated them. They looked confused.


What just happened?” Asked Jon “Never a human reacted this way to me...There is something different on her…”



Laurie shook Karen paying no attention to Jon.

What did you saw!?” Asked with angry tears.

I saw you crying when I was a baby and dad reassuring you that Dr. Osterman wouldn’t come back…for me?” Laurie covered her mouth and looked around confused.

Why would he come back for me, mom?”


Jon with his characteristic voice like talking to himself kept whispering.




When she touched me I saw a string of energy coming from her, similar to what my body generates....How is that possible Laurie?...




How do you think is possible, Jon?! A girl born nine months after you left, from me: your lover, know some events from the future or the past, is also attracted to science and now she generates energy closer to you? Isn’t it obvious?”



Jon's voice sounded nervous for the first time in years.


She is.... my daughter!”




Oh, thy bright eyes must answer now,
When Reason, with a scornful brow,
Is mocking at my overthrow!
Oh, thy sweet tongue must plead for me
And tell why I have chosen thee!

Oh, thy bright eyes must answer now. Emily Bronte.