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Writer's Block: Instant attraction

Do you think romantic chemistry is instant or evolving? Have you ever given someone a second (or third) chance and lived to regret it? Have you ever fallen in love with someone you didn't particularly like or desire at first?

In my personal experience is always evolving. I can see a guy and think is cute or my type but if nothing else gets my attention or if once I start to get to know him he doesn't have any of the things I like in a man, then nothing happens. Now I can see a guy that could be the opposite of my type and I could fell for him for his inner person. I had never given a second chance to anyone since once I fell out of love is because a BIG reason something the other person is that I cannot tolerate so I usually never fall in love again so why bother? I have had developed crushes on people I didn't particularly liked or dislike but never fell in love because again, is now or never for me all or nothing.